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At Syscomed ® we can provide complete hosting, programming and interconnection solutions to make tools that allow your corporation to undertake its project of digital transformation, either in the field of management or a management connected to the physical world through sensors. For this we use the following technologies and supports supported by our technical knowledge and experience.



We work with several suppliers of recognized prestige in the provisioning of our solutions:

  • Email Management
  • Email Relay Management
  • Registration and hosting of domains
  • Hosting web services and web pages

through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and in Software as a Service (SaaS). Depending on the geographical area where it is necessary to house them to provide better coverage, we work with national suppliers such as ACENS (WWW.ACENS.ES), at a European level with 1 & 1 in Germany and worldwide with Softlayer and AWS worldwide. This allows us, maintaining the SLA levels, to work with the necessary requirements in each case. We have a great experience in carrying out projects that require a high availability of services such as flow, bandwidth, server requirements, redundancies, backups, so that the infrastructure that supports our 24×7 service software in the best conditions.


Our projects are carried out in most cases with Python and databases such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB. This allows us to interact in an agile way with the chosen infrastructures and with a multitude of platforms to carry out automation projects of the internal and external processes of the company, Sensorización and Internet of Things, facial recognition and parking with OpenCV technology, Blockchain and most of the challenges that our clients propose to us.
Our programmers are certified and our company in agile development methodologies, SCRUM, to follow a sure method of success for the projects in which we work with our clients.


Our system of provisioning, programming and our knowledge allows us to undertake projects such as the Internet of Things (IoT), deploy sensors for industry, agriculture and logistics in a natural and agile way. We carry out projects with fast deployments, with low maintenance and energy costs. And we can work with larger Smart CIties platforms such as Fiware and Sofia directly. Our recent success stories are a sample of the solutions that we can give your corporation.


In this last year 2018 we are exploring Blockchain and the capacity of Ethereum and Smart Contract. Developing intelligent contracts with Solidity and connecting the data that come from external sources, whether physical (IoT) or FINTECH management platform, we are already working on providing technology corporations that allow data to be distributed and inviolable. This type of technology is an example of the vocation that Syscomed ® has regarding technology and digital transformation, always at the technological vanguard at the service of its productivity




We work with OpenCV technologies and others to carry out projects where facial recognition or of objects and people is important to achieve the marked objective. Make a software to validate access through facial recognition, determine gauges of people in buildings, how many vehicles circulate in a street, are viable projects for us.

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