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Syscomed® is a solvency partner, working in present and future technologies and with a great capacity for transformation digitally through ICT projects.

Logistic traceability system through Blockchain

We have developed a system to assure the traceability of perishable goods in their transportation thanks to our IoT data acquisition platform, humidity measurement sensors, temperature and location.

This platform, when the registered data exceeds the values established between the parties and formalized in an intelligent contract, is registered in a chain of blocks or Blockchain and makes the intelligent contract or Smart Contract can trigger the payment of the form agreed on the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

This technology is applied to a real case of a client that makes frequent exports to China to guarantee the quality of the raw material. It is expected that this technology will be implemented in such sectors as food logistics and water distribution among individuals in water users communities.


Since the accident in June 2017, the ficus of Santo Domingo, in Murcia, has required special monitoring. Surely it is the sick tree with the most attention in Spain. Among others, it has a monitoring system deployed by iot.syscomed.es. For this, an intelligent sensorization system has been installed in the hollow of one of the branches, developed by Murcian companies and in collaboration with the University of Murcia. The technology has a device that acquires the data of the different sensors that take the constants of the centenary trees, in the form of data such as relative humidity, leaf moisture, soil moisture, ambient temperature and branch thickness.
Syscomed has deployed dataloggers from the Odins.es company and collects its data in the IoT data acquisition platform that Syscomed has developed. Currently, 80% of the Ficus Macrophilia of the city of Murcia are monitored with our system.


A project where researchers used preform tools to consistently obtain PPS preforms with high quality one-piece carbon fibers. The scaling to get angled geometries in one piece could mean significant savings in weight. The team manufactured composites using a prototype single-cavity injection molding tool, a robot for heating and handling preforms and a PPS preform with carbon fibers.
Syscomed participated in robotics and automation solutions for industrial processes.


Syscomed, in cooperation with a group of European scientists, has built a prototype device for the recovery of aluminum from by-products, which would save electricity and reduce carbon emissions.Within the framework of the EC’s innovation and R & D financing programs,

Syscomed has participated in the Alucyc project. Firstly, in the modeling of the electrical and chemical processes necessary for the recovery of aluminum. From this information, the furnace system requirements (mechanical type, hardware and software) were specified.

Next, we proceeded to build the hardware and software elements. The project members have already completed the ALUCYC prototype device and validated its performance in different aluminum castings.
Syscomed participated in the selection of technologies and contributed in the realized of the control software of the foundry station.


This red, belonging to chs.es and assigned to CC.RR. of Lorca, with 50 km of distribution pipeline with 40 control stations and 4 water rafts from the transfer and wells. With OMRON’s UHF communications and automation technology, the entire distribution network is controlled from the control center of Casa Mata, in Lorca, where the control and operation tasks of the network are carried out through SCADA systems and synoptic tables.


A desalinated water pipeline, more than 80 km, 4 rafts, 24 intermediate stations and 72 secondary stations, and a Control Center. We were entrusted with the design, drafting of the project and its execution. A multidisciplinary project (telecommunications, civil engineering, electrification and automation) TCP / IP communication network, redundant radio links in WiMAX technology, multiple routing, backup network in its critical areas and an available flow of 14 Mbps in the main network. Video, voice and data transmission. This communications network controls all the automation and instrumentation of driving in real time.

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