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Internet Of Things

We have developed, thanks to our experience of automation and work with SCADAS of different brands, the platform that we believe can be very useful to companies of intensive agriculture, Industry 4.0 and Smart City to perform a rapid deployment of technology of acquisition and data management obtained from the environment in a fast, easy way and with an energy expenditure and sustainable maintenance.

Our system of provisioning, programming and our knowledge allows us to undertake projects such as the Internet of Things (IoT), deploy sensors for industry, agriculture and logistics in a natural and agile way. We carry out projects with fast deployments, with low maintenance and energy costs. And we can work with larger Smart CIties platforms such as Fiware and Sofia directly. Our recent success cases are a sample of the solutions that we can give your corporation.

  • Deployment of fall prevention in the Ficus of Garden of Santo Domingo in Murcia
  • Deployment of prevention of fall of branches in Ficus of Garden of Floridablanca in Murcia
  • Smartization and automation of irrigation of the Victorio Garden in Murcia
  • Vineyard automation of Finca Casa Rojo
  • La Plata farm automation almond crops in Cehegín

Each one of these solutions for data acquisition and monitoring is carried out in an agile way and with quite fast and simple deployments and start-ups.


Interested in a deployment of sensor data acquisition in an agricultural facility or industry?

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