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Syscomed ® offers its clients an opportunity to change and increase productivity through digital transformation. Since 2007, his team has been constantly working to learn and incorporate talent to make our clients increase their benefit through ICTs. We are working for many clients, giving management solutions in everything digital, from domains, emails, specific hosting of cloud solutions, more generally, to more specific and vertical solutions such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0, Face Recognition and blockchain with Ethereum .



Syscomed ® (Sistemas y Control del Mediterráneo s.l.) founded in 2007, working on the automation of two large water distribution networks for agricultural, livestock and human consumption. Distribution network of Lorca of the Irrigators Community and Distribution Network of the Valdelentisco Desalination Plant. In these two projects, Syscomed ® automates more than 180 regulation stations, more than 300 water intakes for users, 40 valves for sectioning pipes between 900 and 1600 mm and 8 rafts with a regulation capacity of about 6 cubic hectometers. All this automation is done with Siemens and Omron technology in automation and instrumentation. And in communications, Wimax technology is used with Alvarion for Valdelentisco and UHF radio for Lorca. In total, 150 km of water distribution pipes are automated, whose information is processed in two control centers, with all the necessary equipment to operate with the two networks.

Collect and process all these data and act with the devices, we worked with Siemens SCADA’s like WinCC and other modules developed to measure the consumption of water to users (ERP) and customer management (CRM) . This allowed controlling the regulation of the network, storage capacity, control of consumption instantly.

Subsequently, as of 2013, the company has developed its own system of connection with sensors and datalogger based on MQTT, with communication technologies ranging from GPRS to SIGFOX, through LORAWAN, data stored in Databases such as PostgreSQL and MONGODB, and making interfaces for any device in Python, which have allowed us to achieve a very fast and highly reliable deployment system.


We have projects in 2015 and 2016 where we deploy sensors and acquire their data for their process, quickly. These communication technologies allow very low energy consumption, so the energy and preventive maintenance of the systems with respect to the first ones installed, have dropped drastically.

In addition, the knowledge of CLOUD and cloud programming technologies gives us the possibility to work with various clients in providing services in the cloud and in projects to program connections between different systems thanks to technologies such as API RESTFULL and others.

This possibility has allowed us, among others, to be able to carry out a project of union of IoT and Blockchain technologies with Ethereum to save in a secure and distributed way in the field of traceability, Logistics and Insurance and in the field of water management.

Syscomed has agreements with the 3 Universities of its environment, University of Murcia, Polytechnic University of Cartagena and Catholic University of San Antonio to access the necessary talent to undertake the projects demanded by our clients. It is also part of CENTIC (www.centic.es) and TIMUR (www.timur.es) which is integrated into AMETIC to be present in the decision making of ICT policies as well as being able to undertake international projects in cooperation.

Syscomed ® is a solvency partner, working on present and future technologies and with a great capacity to digitally transform your company through ICT projects.

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