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Since 1995 we have been working providing centralized services through the internet, which later was called the cloud or Cloud computing. Since then we have worked and provided connectivity service to hundreds of clients, domain registration and hosting services, email services, email Relay services and hosting of a multitude of adhoc services, gateways, pages, intranets and extranets. and corporate pages.

To offer these solutions we work with different prestigious suppliers, always preferring quality at the price and using them according to different technical and geographical criteria. These providers are:

1 & 1 Germany
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Through this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and in Software as a Service (SaaS). Depending on the geographical area where it is necessary to house them to provide better coverage, we work with national suppliers such as ACENS, at European level with 1 & 1 in Germany and worldwide with Softlayer and AWS. This allows us, maintaining the SLA levels, to work with the necessary requirements in each case. We have a great experience in carrying out projects that require a high availability of services such as flow, bandwidth, server requirements, redundancies, backups, so that the infrastructure that supports our 24×7 service software in the best conditions

There are many of the clients that we currently provide turnkey connectivity services, through our experience we provide them with the necessary resources to undertake their change or digital transformation and pass the services currently provided in in company to services in the fully technological and energetically optimized cloud.


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